Amanda Palmer's official home-spun UK/Euro merch-land, hand-packed and shipped by a glittery boy in London


many of you in the UK and europe were sad about the wait and drama and expense of ordering from the US, so alex, who's a beloved and trusted member of the AFP family, put up his hand to be the central nexus of merch so people can order my stuff from the UK and not have to incur extra shipping costs/customs charges and wait time!

also, alex loves you and will treat you like gold. talk to him like a person, because HE IS!!!

- afp xx

Hey there!!

I am Alex, resident Buffy nerd and glitter princess and now the official UK merch queen for AFP. I'll be processing and packing all orders placed here directly from my living room. If you have any questions or queries about anything, please get in touch directly with me at, and if you wanna be friends you can find me on twitter at @aaalex555