Hand-crafted Lyric Journal (PRE-ORDER)

Hand-crafted Lyric Journal (PRE-ORDER)

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PLEASE NOTE: These are currently a pre-order, aiming to ship by early December, but as they are handmade, please be patient with unforeseen delays! Any other items ordered alongside these will also ship at the same time.

These beautiful hand-crafted journals feature hardcovers adorned with AFP's handwritten lyrics. There are five song options for you to choose from: Girl Anachronism, Sing, In My Mind, Lost, and Machete! 

The inside features 160 blank A5 pages, ready and waiting for all your inner thoughts and doodles.

PLEASE NOTE: Each journal is hand-crafted, so each is slightly different and may use different sections of the lyrics!

Made by Rosie Sherwood:
IG: @rosie.sherwood 
Twitter: @rosie__sherwood

Check our holiday order deadlines here, and if you have any questions about this or any other item, please contact alex@amandapalmer.net