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Created by artist Rosie Sherwood, these beautiful hand-crafted journals feature hardcovers adorned with AFP's handwritten lyrics, and sheet music snippets. The inside features 160 blank A5 pages, ready and waiting for all your inner thoughts and doodles.

Each journal uses lyrics and sheet music from a dedicated AFP song. Choose yours from

  • Girl Anachronism
  • In My Mind
  • Lost
  • Sing

There are also a limited number that have been signed by Amanda on the first page!

PLEASE NOTE: Each journal is hand-crafted, so won't match these photos exactly. This item is currently a pre-order, and will ship on or around December 3rd.

These journals are the first steps into the foray of AFP Boutique collaboration merch, working with artists to create unique and bespoke merchandise - if you have ideas on merch you would like to work with us to create, get in touch with alex@amandapalmer.net

If you have any other questions about the journal, your order, or life, the universe and everything, get in touch with alex@amandapalmer.net